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A revolution in Strobe Lighting, Elation introduces the PROTRON COLOR. This Strobe uses a 750 Lamp. However with its "Power Burst™" Feature the PROTRON COLOR projects a powerfull 1500watt ouput.

The Power burst™ creates a blinder effect with its High Intesity Super fast flashes. Using thermal sensing technology the Strobe will not thermal out. Along with the High Ouput Burst, the PROTRON COLOR includes a Scroller with 3 colors + Split colors. The PROTRON COLOR uses 5 DMX channels to operate all its features.

Protron Color  - DMX COLOR SCROLLING STROBE, стробоскоп со сменой цвета!

• High Power Strobe Lighting Fixture
• 1500 watt Power Burst™
• Flash Range 1-15 flashe per sec.
• 0-100% Dimmin
• Uses standard color gels
Control Features
• 5 DMX Channels
• 3 pin XLR serial input/ output
• Dip Switches for DMX and stand alone mode
DMX Mode features
• Flash Speed
• Flash Dimme
• Duration
• Color Scrolling
• Motor Speed

Stand-Alone Features
• Stand Alone settings
• Selectable Intensity
• Selectable speed
• Selectable Color or Color Scroll
• Selectable Speed & Rotation
Technical Specifications
• Lamp: ZB-300 (750W)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 22 x 9.6 in. / 254 x 559 x 244mm
• Weight: 24lbs. / 10.9kgs.
• Fuse: 20 amp fuse
• Voltage: 120V
• Power draw: 10 amp
• Fan cooled: 1 axial fan for head 1 for base.
• Thermal Protection